Tuesday, 2 April 2013

today i want... whistles mini mercer bag

I love all of my bags dearly, but I'm starting to feel like I have too many in black. There is little more classic than a beautiful simple black bag, but it must be admitted that they're not particularly exciting. They don't scream "look at me" and they don't pep up a simple outfit into something a little more eye-catching. And that's fine - that's not what they're there for. Black bags are absolutely perfect with a look-at-me jacket or in-your-face shoe. But if you're already wearing all black, you may well want your arm candy to be a little more hardworking. Having said that, my relationship with colours is somewhat fickle: sometimes I love red, sometimes I really don't; one day I'll be obsessed with neon and the next not so much. So to invest in a bright bag would be a risk for me. That's why this off white beauty is the perfect compromise. It doesn't shout, it doesn't scream, but it does say: take another look; I think you'll find I'm a little more exciting than your average black bag. It will go with everything and I love the shape, too; it reminds me of the adorable mini Céline Luggage, slung across the body. In short, it's the answer to all my accessory needs.

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  1. Love Whistles bag ! and this one is lovely...



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