Thursday, 4 April 2013

today i love... spring perfumes

Balenciaga L'Eau Rose edt / £64 for 100ml
See by Chloé edp / £64 for 75ml

Yesterday I had two hours to kill and nothing to do, so I went around several different department stores trying out all the new perfumes and collecting a mountain of free samples (not only is it always thrilling getting freebies, but they are so handy for carrying around during the day). This has to be one of my favourite things to do. The only downside, of course, is that I want to buy them all. Miraculously I managed not to (trying to be good after my blowout holiday), but I did make a mental perfume wish list, and these three beauties are at the top. I own Balenciaga L'Essence and it is a very heady, rich and quite masculine scent, best suited for the winter. The new L'Eau Rose is very similar (too similar for me to justify buying it, really) but a little softer, lighter and more feminine: in other words perfect for spring (gorgeous bottle, too). It's still a punchy perfume, though, so if you fancy something altogether lighter and more floral, then look no further than Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia. This is one of four new iterations of Gucci's classic Flora scent and is definitely my favourite: very light, playful and refreshing. Finally See by Chloé's new fragrance is a hard one to describe but to me there's something quite nostalgic about the scent; it's fresh and fun and decidedly girly. Possibly the perfect antidote to this weather, in fact...

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  1. those look really nice, wish i was more of a perfume person!



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