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In case you haven't heard of IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers), it's a great community for up-and-coming style bloggers offering useful tips, a great forum for getting your voice heard and your questions answered and providing loads of new ways to expand and grow your blog. Every week they post a round-up of 20 of the best blog posts out there, and each featured blogger then posts the links on their site. It's a great opportunity to find out about new blogs, so I hope you lovely readers will enjoy having a look at the other links that have been included alongside mine. This week's theme is all about style influences from around the world and while that's not explicitly what my featured post on 3 ways to wear white is about, I do think it's something that's so important to recognise. The bloggers I love come from all over the world - Amsterdam, Sweden, LA, Norway and Greece, for example - and one of the things I think is amazing about fashion is how it can transcend cultural and language barriers. It may be a cliché, but the language of style really is universal. Anyway, you'll find the round-up below. I hope you find it inspiring!


World Click

Does it matter where you blog from? I say this as I've lived in four cities during my blogging career, and to tell the truth, it kind of does, but it also kind of doesn't. This week Style Bazaar asks that question to a few bloggers about their experiences with blogging and location. We also travel around to Australia to check out their MBFW, how Man Repeller got us thinking about Japan (again), about how female politicians across the globe relate to fashion (should they?) and where you can get globally conscious accessories. As always it's a mixed bag, so enjoy!

Links à la Mode: April 18th

  1. Anna Lou Elliott: 3 ways to wear white: for day, night and work
  2. Attire Club: What We Can Learn From Superheroes
  3. Cosmolawitan: Dove: Empowering Women With Its Ad Campaigns
  4. Dressed up on a cloudy day: How to Combine Colors : Analogous Colors
  5. Fashion is Evolution: 4 Tips for Pushing Yourself to Achieve Your Creative Goals
  6. Fashion Moriarty: Are female politicians reduced to what they wear?
  7. Hey Mishka: 5 Globally Conscious Festive Accessories For Summer
  8. HH Designs: Glamping: My Overall Lack of Roughing It...
  9. Lara Lizard: Test : Are you the cutest creature of the social media?
  10. Incognito: On how Man Repeller got me thinking about fashion in Japan
  11. Modestelle: Mercedes Benz Australia Review 2013-2014
  12. Mis Papelicos: My 6 Easy Steps to Happiness
  13. Nothing to wear: The Rookie Department: Hair Styling For Beginners
  14. Runway to Style: 7 Style Guidelines To Look Your Best at Prom and More
  15. Style Bazaar: Blogging: How important is your location?
  16. The Curatorial: Vale Jewelry: Algorithms and Delicate Jewelry
  17. Undercover Dress Up: Interview with lolita icon Emilka P.
  18. We Are Ready Made: Irreverent Youth
  19. Wild Beauty World: War Paint
  20. Youth Savage: Fashion Blogging vs. the World

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