Saturday, 20 April 2013

today i bought... zara embroidered bomber jacket

I've been thinking about investing in a bomber jacket for quite some time now, but it's proven difficult to find one that suits me. Some of them are too boxy, too varsity-esque, too short... But this is the one. It is utterly perfect. When I saw it on Zara People the other day it was love at first click. I knew that I shouldn't order it (really, really trying to shop less and really, really failing) but unfortunately I just couldn't help myself, and now that it's here there is no way it's leaving my sight. It fits like a dream, it's soft and silken, it's the perfect length and the perfect colour and - get this - it's reversible, so if I tire of the exquisite embroidery (unlikely to happen anytime soon) I can choose the plain side instead. Genius! It's not cheap as jackets go, but each season I like to invest in one game changing piece of clothing which will really help to shake up my wardrobe. Most of the time I spend my money on basics and timeless classics, so every now and then I need a ridiculously extravagant beauty like this in my life. (Sorry, bank balance...)

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  1. Great purchase !

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