Saturday, 9 March 2013

today i want... whistles leather dungarees

I know, right... Leather dungarees? Crazy, no? Leather on its own is not everyone's cup of tea (although as you probably know, it is absolutely mine). Dungarees, again, not exactly the easiest item of clothing to wear. Put them together and you have a garment that nobody outside of the world of fashion is going to appreciate. At all. In fact, they will probably laugh in your face. But I think they're so crazy that they might just be amazing. Sadly the price tag means I'm not going to find out for myself, but gosh, I want to. And I would like to wear them like this or this. What do you think? A fashion step too far or pure sartorial genius?

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  1. Love it but it'd be easier for me to wear just the pants !! ;)

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  2. Oh my gosh!I love leather stylish!
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