Sunday, 3 February 2013

today i love... white jeans

I used to absolutely hate white jeans. A couple of years ago, the only associations they had in my mind were WAGs and Elizabeth Hurley, i.e. not exactly fashionable. But ever since the likes of Emmanuelle Alt and GĂ©raldine Saglio (above) reclaimed them, and began to make them look pretty much the opposite of cheap, I've found myself slowly coming around to them. And gradually they've lost all negative connotations in my mind, to the point that I now absolutely love wearing them. I've just bought some new ones in the Zara sale (I wore them the other day but it was too rainy for photos), and I've also found a few other beauties on the high street for your shopping pleasure. One of the things I love most about fashion is its power to totally change your mind, so I am very happy to hold my hands up and say: white jeans, I was wrong about you, and I'm sorry.

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  1. Love the combo!!!

  2. I used to hate white jeans as well, but I can't wait to buy a pair when spring arrives!
    Bemsy x

  3. I did't have yet a white pair, but they are lovely!! :)

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