Thursday, 21 February 2013

today i bought...

I don't vary the jewellery I wear every day very much; I'm never without my Dogeared Karma necklace (unless I'm wearing earrings) or my Jordan Askill heart ring and I switch between four or five bracelets in a mix of silver, gold and rose gold depending on my mood. Because of this, when I realised about ten minutes after leaving for the airport to go to Amsterdam last week that I'd forgotten to put on my heart ring, I felt naked without it. The only thing I could think of was to quickly buy a replacement at the airport, so I rushed into Accessorize to find something suitable. I wasn't expecting to find something I loved, but when I saw this beautiful sterling silver arrow ring I was head over heels. Getting it for a duty free price only added to my adoration. Losing it two days later in an Amsterdam cafĂ©, however, was not so good. Still, at least it was easily replaceable and even though I had only meant it to be a replacement itself, I wasted no time in buying it again when I got back to the UK. Sadly I had to pay full price this time, but at £8 it's hardly breaking the bank and easily worth paying for twice. Now I wear it alongside the heart ring rather than instead of it, and would feel lost without it.

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  1. Cute ring !!

  2. this is adorable! i love it

  3. This is beautiful! your blog is adorable xx

  4. This is beautiful! Your blog is adorable xx

  5. Love it. Definitely a piece of jewelry you can rock every day ;)

    XO, Kat

  6. I saw your blog post, also fell in love with the ring, and am now wearing my very own!


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