Wednesday, 9 January 2013

today i want... diptyque rose duet candle

If, like me, you dream of a stylish home almost as much as you dream of a stylish wardrobe, then you may well be as obsessed as I am with scented candles. These sweet smelling home accessories are definitely one of those things that men do not understand the appeal of, but in a way that makes them all the more fabulous, no? Fewer people still understand the lure of a candle costing upwards of £40. But there is something so beautifully decadent and luxurious about a row of Diptyque candles on a mantelpiece, and now that I've got one (Figuier, which I highly recommend), I don't think I can stop until I've got them all. And this limited edition pink beauty, which combines the scents of Diptyque's Roses and Baies in one, is now top of my candle wish list. Although I ordinarily only buy white candles, I will happily make an exception for this one. Oh, and did I mention it's my birthday next week...?

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