Sunday, 6 January 2013

today i love... beanies

So one of my New Year's resolutions was to try a trend that scares me, and I can safely say that hats in all shapes and forms fit firmly into that category. I have never been a hat person; I just don't think I suit them or can pull them off. On me, I feel like trilbies look try-hard, bowlers look silly and woolly hats just do not work. Beanies, however... I've always steered away from these, too, fearing any resemblance to an Avril Lavigne-esque skater girl, but lately I've seen something of a style shift in favour of these unassuming hats. It was this picture of Elin Kling which first made me begin to see beanies in a different light. Clad in simple black and grey, Elin's look would be utterly simple - boring, even - were it not for the acid green Acne beanie perched atop her head. Worn in the utterly effortless way that only she can muster, Elin's addition of this one accessory immediately promotes her look from everyday so-so to fashion week worthy. I posted a couple of months ago about Markus Lupfer for Whistles' beanie, but, partly due to the price tag, I never took the plunge. These cheap and cheerful Topshop beauties, however, might just convince me to dip my toe (or rather head) into the trend. What do you think? Do you share my fear of headgear? Or am I preaching to the converted?

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  1. I've never been able to wear hats either, i've always felt they look terrible on me. Plus they give me major static hair haha. However, I am also swayed towards these Topshop skater hats especially the oxblood colour.

    1. Good point, hat hair is another reason I don't usually wear hats! The oxblood is my favourite too, very tempted... X

  2. I was the same until I finally went for it and now I can't seem to stop popping them on my head! Although they are incredibly simple... they seem to just make an outfit at the moment! Why not give one a go?


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