Monday, 7 January 2013

today i love... asos marketplace

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By nature I am a hoarder. I feel sentimental attachment to all of my clothes and therefore find it very hard to get rid of any of them. But I am also a very prolific shopper, and with five bin bags of unused clothes in my cupboard I decided maybe it was time to bite the bullet and start selling some of them. I'm terrified of eBay, but I've heard good things about ASOS Marketplace, which is kind of like a more fashionable version and without all the horrible bidding. So my first item is up for sale now, my beloved silver and black Zara heels. Let me tell you, it pains me to see these beauties go. I adore them. However... they don't fit me. So it's only fair that I pass them on to someone who can make the most of them. They are in used condition but still look very presentable and honestly, I am very jealous of you if they end up on your feet and you manage to actually wear them. Please give them a good home!

PS, over the next few days/weeks I'll be adding more and more items so I've decided to add a new section, shop, to my blog header above, where you can find everything I've got for sale. Happy shopping!

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  1. Fab!!!^^
    i love Asos too ;)


  2. They're beautiful!


    Ps: I just started a running blog with my best friend. If you’re thinking about starting to run, may I invite you to our blog?

  3. Asos Marketplace? Can't believe I'm only hearing about this now! Looking forward to seeing your sale stock :-)


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