Monday, 7 January 2013

today i love... 3 ways to wear dungarees

day /

Bumble & Bumble surf spray / £20.50 at John Lewis

night /

Reiss Georgine corded box clutch / £55 (reduced from £110)

work /

Dungarees... The name alone may be enough to strike fear into your fashion heart. But fear not, for of late this once reviled item has clawed its way back from the fashion wilderness and is suddenly once again a viable wardrobe option, and not just for toddlers. After all, given that jumpsuits have now firmly returned to the fashion mainstream, dungarees were the next logical step. The key, I think, with full-length dungarees is to steer clear of denim. Short denim dungarees, maybe, but I'm convinced there is no good way to wear full-length denim dungarees. What is so fantastic about these Topshop Boutique dungarees is that they are black, smart and tailored, ergo removing any nasty 90s connotations and making them look utterly chic. I'm willing to bet they could change anyone's mind. So to prove that they will work in any situation, above I've styled them three ways: day, night and work. For day, I'd tone down the smartness with a white tee, mannish flats and a satchel, and add tousled hair for good measure. For night, wear with nothing save a bralet or bandeau underneath, and team with high octane heels, a statement clutch and luxe jewellery. Finally, the work outfit demonstrates just how classic and not-at-all scary dungarees can be: a failsafe look of black tailoring, cream silk shirt, pointed courts and siren red lips. Oh, and a watch to make sure you stop staring at yourself in the mirror in time to make your meeting.

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  1. that box clutch is awesome!!

  2. Looovely blog , hun :) I like your posts .


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  3. I love these dungarees too - such good outfit ideas!

  4. I love the night one!!!^^



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