Thursday, 31 January 2013

today i bought...

My main shopping resolution for 2013 was: buy less, buy better. In the past my shopping addiction has meant that I've never been able to save for things, preferring to spend little and often on the high street. However, this now means I've got four bin bags of cheap clothes I never wear and realise that it's the investment pieces that I truly, truly love and therefore wear more than any others. Case in point: my Acne Pistol boots, which have made up their cost per wear tenfold since I got them nearly a year ago and which I still absolutely adore putting on my feet each and every time I wear them. There's a subtle but important distinction to be made, though: buying an expensive designer item doesn't necessarily equal an investment buy. I'd love to be able to afford to just buy designer everything, but I can't, so for me I have to really, really love an item for months on end before taking the plunge. That's why I knew my Pistols and my Mulberry Alexa were worth every penny. The same goes for these Marant Dicker boots. The little gasp of joy I gave when I opened the box and the fact that I stabbed my hand with my scissors in my excitement probably tells you everything you need to know. I've worn my River Island lookalikes to the ground, so I thought it was time, as with the Pistols, to invest in the real deal. I love these so much that they already seem worthy of their price tag. Unfortunately after believing Net-a-porter's guide which said that due to the French sizing I should go up a size, I'm not convinced, so I've had to order the size down. This means it will probably be a few days before I can wear these beauties... But I know they're worth the wait.

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  1. Hi, good decision! In your opinion, are they true to size? I am a UK8 and am too scared to take the plunge in case they are too small and I'm heartbroken!

    1. Hi, I got an FR40 from net-a-porter which it says is a UK6 but actually I think they are more like UK7. So i think you would probably be OK with an FR41. Net-a-porter do free returns so worth a try :) (the link above will take you to the right page). Good luck! X

    2. Thank you! :)


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