Friday, 11 January 2013

today i bought...

ASOS Hometown shoes /

From the first moment I saw Alexander Wang's heavenly Fabiana sandals stalk down the catwalk in February 2011, I was in love. Sadly their £400 odd price tag made owning the real deal out of the question, but ever since then I've been desperately scouring the high street for a passable alternative. I even almost dropped £200 on the electric blue Fabianas when they were reduced on the Outnet a couple of months ago (oh, I came so close), but really it was the silver I lusted after. Sadly I never found a cheaper option that came even close to the real deal. Until now, that is. On Tuesday I gasped out loud when I saw these beauties on the ASOS website, retailing for a mere £40. I gasped even louder when I saw that my size had already sold out. I promptly ordered one size down and I cannot tell you my relief when I put them on today and they fitted (hallelujah!) It's safe to say I wasn't alone in my hunt for cheaper Fabiana-alikes, because these babies arrived on the ASOS website on Monday and had completely sold out by Thursday. Fear not, though, because ASOS often restocks a few sizes thanks to customer returns, so keep checking the holding page here and your size may just magically reappear. Ordinarily the cold British winter means I wouldn't be able to wear these for positively ages yet, but since I'm off to Australia in a month and a half you might just call it perfect timing. These are already as good as packed and I literally cannot wait to wear them.

*UPDATE 15th Jan* The shoes are now back in stock at the link above!

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  1. ahh i was going to order these on monday night but i don't know if my feet are pretty enough haha... think i may have to make another cheeky order if they come back in stock!

  2. These are only thing on my urgent wish list at the moment and they are completely sold out! I refresh it all the time as they are so beautiful - lucky you!

    1. Crossing my fingers that they come back in stock for you! :)

  3. Hey! You'll have to let us know how comfy they are after you wear them in Oz! I'm lusting after them in the mint colour...
    Bemsy x

    1. Ooh I love the mint too; you should go for them. They seem like they'll be comfy because the heel is pretty chunky, but I'll keep you updated! X

  4. Congrats! Nice to see when dreams come true :-)



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