Sunday, 2 December 2012

today i want... christmas wish list

Now that it's December we can't put it off for much longer: it's time to get Christmas shopping. It can be a daunting prospect, but these days finding the perfect gift doesn't have to mean spending days trawling the shops. With many online stores offering free delivery and promotional discounts, it's never been easier to find a lovely little something for your friends and family. Above I've tracked down a few items that I for one would love to find under my tree (check out my Pinterest wish list for many more ideas). One thing I would say about Christmas shopping is that no matter your budget, personally I think it's always better to buy one quality gift, even if it may be small, than to buy several cheaper things; for example, I know I'd rather have a Chanel lipstick for £25 than two H&M tops. This also helps to ensure the gift is something luxurious that the recipient wouldn't buy for themselves. And if all else fails, invest in some beautiful gift bags, tissue paper and ribbon to make your present look miles above its station...

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  1. cool! you picket out some realy nice outfits! now i only just have to print it and put it in my sock above the fire, hihi :)
    liefs, laila. your new follower!

  2. Hey i love how you made this wishlist! how did you do it? thank you! xx

    1. Hi Maisie - it's a widget from the site rewardStyle which I'm a member of. Glad you like it! X


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