Sunday, 9 December 2012

today i love... topshop limited edition dresses

It's fair to say I'm not really a dress person. I splash out on the odd perfect one (my Topshop Unique shark-print beauty; my Zara thigh-split snakeskin maxi; my new leather pinafore) but I keep my collection small and wear each piece infrequently, maybe once a year. This is largely because I am someone who hates wearing the same thing twice and with dresses there are so few options compared to separates. That said, I would absolutely love to be the kind of person who has a whole wardrobe full of glamorous evening options: full-length bias cut silks; drop-waist fringed flapper dresses; fur stoles, sequins and beads galore. Basically, I'd like to live in Downton Abbey. Sadly, however, this remains improbable to say the least. Still, those of you with a particularly glamorous office party dress code could at least act out a little of your fantasy with Topshop's collection of Limited Edition dresses. In the past I admit I've approached this line with some caution, seeing it as little more than a name given to some pieces rather than others and therefore an excuse to hike up the price. But lately it looks as though they've really stepped it up and produced some stunning pieces which wouldn't look out of place at a Great Gatsby-themed party. I particularly love these campaign images; the model with her effortless bedhead hair and sultry glare tiptoeing around a deserted manor house has something of the Keira Knightley in Atonement about it. I realise I am jumping between eras in terms of film references here, but hey, isn't fashion about mixing it up? I certainly think Topshop's Limited Edition dresses might just help add a little drama to all our lives.

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  1. Hey there! I see what you mean by saying that you're not a big dress person. I agree on full length evening dresses - for me it never really happens that i wear long dresses. I love the picture of the sequinned mini dress. This dress is more versatile and can also be worn for a night out any time of the year ;)
    XO & Thanks for sharing these images!



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