Friday, 23 November 2012

today i want... zara embroidered slippers

Zara embroidered slippers / £49.99

The slipper trend has been a bit of a grower with me; you could argue the days of Charlotte Olympia's cat beauties are behind us, but I'm still feeling the lure of these decadent velvet flats. Admittedly I don't really wear flat shoes at all, but my GP has advised me to try it for a few days due to having slightly dodgy knees at the moment (gulp). And if you're going to abandon your heels, then it had better be in favour of some seriously beautiful flats. These babies definitely qualify for that accolade: I just love the velvet and the sumptuous embroidery. They're not online yet (this picture is from Zara People) but I saw them in my local store so I'm sure they will be soon. The only downside is the price; £49.99 is a lot for flats. I'd like to hold out for the sales, but I'm just not sure I can wait that long...

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