Sunday, 25 November 2012

today i want... whistles jamie fur-lined jacket

If you're as avid a shopper as I am, then you will know that horrible sinking feeling you get when thinking about "the ones that got away". That sale item that you left hanging on the rail, trying to be restrained, and have regretted ever since, or worse, the item you returned because you weren't sure, only to suddenly be sure and then find it gone forever. Melodramatic, maybe, but I can tell you I still feel the pain of a few items I so nearly called my own. Chief regret is the Zara silver heels which I wanted so, so, so badly, which I trekked to ten different stores in search of - only after I'd already returned them, mind. I never did find them and I ended up buying some more expensive, ill-fitting ones to replace them which I now can't wear. (Bitter? Yes, a little.) Anyway, the second biggest regret that springs to mind is a Topshop shearling-lined jacket: beautiful, black leather and oh so Acne-esque. After lusting after it at its full price of £250, I came across the perfect specimen reduced to £125. But having already splashed out in the sales, and reasoning that £125 was not at all cheap, I left it on the rail. Oh, the pain. Anyway, I recently stumbled across this Whistles beauty, and I can't help but be reminded of the Topshop jacket that got away. It's the beautiful fur lining, the oversized buckles, the sumptuous textured leather. You just know that it would really keep you warm. At £450 this is much more expensive than its alter ego was at full price (oh the irony), but the difference is that now I appreciate that sometimes, you have to shell out to cash in (if you know what I mean). This time I'm determined not to let it pass me by.

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