Sunday, 7 October 2012

today i'm inspired by... topshop boutique a/w'12

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Some things in life are constant: just as the sun will always set in the west, I can rely on the fact that I will always love Topshop Boutique. No matter the season, the time of year or the mood I'm in, I can guarantee that clicking on the Boutique section of Topshop's site will always bring me joy. It's probably because it's such a timeless collection of pieces that I still wear and love everything I've ever bought from the line. And I feel sure that my latest acquisition, a super soft black cherry knit, will be no exception. In any case, the line's latest campaign featuring, as Topshop describe her, "new face" Sophie Yall, is as beautiful as ever. Feast your eyes on this delight of inspiration and then click here to buy a little bit of the magic for yourself.

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