Sunday, 16 September 2012

today i love... the body shop

As young teenagers my sisters and I used to visit The Body Shop all the time and stock up on fragrance sprays and fruity lip balms, but since then I'd never really paid much attention to the high street beauty stalwart. Until a few months ago, that is, when I was lured in by an offer and found myself sucked in for good. I joined their Love Your Body scheme, where you pay £5 for a membership card and get 10% off everything for a year, free gifts every few times you buy things, a present on your birthday and numerous ridiculously good offers emailed to you all the time; I barely ever get anything at less than 20% off. Last Thursday my friend and I went to a VIP evening at our local store, where we racked up so many freebies it was getting a bit ridiculous (upwards of £30 worth). Anyway, it's safe to say I'm a firm convert. The products are amazing, the service is always fantastic and the prices, when you get so many discounts, are unbeatable. Above are a few of my failsafe favourites: the banana conditioner and coconut body scrub smell incredible, plus the latter contains real coconut shell; the face mask is fantastically moisturising and the eye gel deliciously soothing. I also forgot to include the Brazil nut define & no frizz leave-in conditioner, which is amazing if your hair is a little prone to frizz like mine.

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