Thursday, 23 August 2012

today i want... louise gray for topshop lipsticks

I'll be honest: Louise Gray is not one of my favourite designers. As I'm sure you can tell from my outfit posts, I'm not really into maximalism. Loud colours, smiley faces, glitter: not my thing. I do, however, like just a little pop of colour to add a certain something to a look. That's where these fabulous lipsticks come in. While I'll be avoiding the bulk of Gray's Topshop collection, I think it was an inspired move by the high street brand to invite her to collaborate on make-up, too. They probably realise that her £100+ super-extrovert capsule clothing line won't appeal to the masses, so they've given the rest of us the chance at a little slice of the action in a much more wearable way. Now I just have to decide which of these colours to go for. I'll be popping into Topshop Oxford Circus tomorrow to try them out for real (make-up colours can be a little hard to judge online) and I don't doubt that one of them will be coming home with me.

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  1. Both those colors are absolutely amazing!


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