Sunday, 22 July 2012

today i bought...

A few days ago I posted excitedly about the new Zara Advance collection, and now my eagerly snapped-up items have at last arrived. First up are these brilliant blue leopard jeans, which caught my eye immediately. It's fair to say I'm a little obsessed with Current/Elliott's selection of printed jeans and have amassed quite a few lookalikes (including striped, floral, brown leopard and pink snakeskin). What I love most about this latest addition, though, is the point of difference: the leopard print is raised velvet flocking, giving the jeans quite a dramatic, evening-appropriate quality, and ensuring they'll translate perfectly into autumn.

Secondly, my quest for the perfect black leather trousers has felt at times never-ending and utterly fruitless. I've ordered countless pairs only to return them dissatisfied, and I've lusted over even more before balking at the quadruple figure price tag. So I was very nervous for these babies to arrive on my doorstep. It has to be said that I'm still testing them out and will be wearing them around the house for a few days before I decide to commit, because they are certainly not cheap. But the leather quality is astoundingly good: utterly slip-through-the-fingers butter soft, thin and malleable; they feel absolutely amazing and are as comfortable as leggings. I think, dare I say it, that my lengthy search might just be at an end.

Unfortunately, though, this does mean that the Mango blue suede jacket is going to have to be returned; sometimes you just have to prioritise. I may well snap up this cheaper H&M version instead though...

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  1. I was looking at those leather trousers too! They're gorgeous :) please keep us updated if you keep them/send them back, I'm on the quest too!

  2. Very good choices, the leather seems surprisingly very beautiful for Zara product (proof that they are still able to sell goods items) and I like the aspect "décalé" of the other pants. Congratulations, you are impressive.


  3. Hi just found your blog! I have also bought the flocked leopard jeans and am eyeing the leather trousers. Really interested to hear your update and if you've decided to keep them!


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