Tuesday, 19 June 2012

today i want... zara silver jacket

It's safe to say I'm a big fan of metallics. I can't remember ever seeing something shiny and silver which I haven't gravitated, magpie-like, towards. Having said that, though, they can be a little bit tricky to wear in the daytime without looking overdressed. My metallic leather jacket, for instance, often gets shrugged on in the morning only to be put aside as seeming somehow not quite right. But that's where I think this beautiful Zara jacket absolutely bridges the gap. The pale, almost white, shade of silver means it's less in-your-face than something that looks like tin foil. The casual biker style, too, helps de-formalise the metallic sheen in a way a structured blazer couldn't manage. It looks great with a white dress, as Zara have styled it here, but equally I can see it with jeans and a grey marl tee, or leather shorts and a little black vest. In fact, I can't think of anything it wouldn't go with. Except for maybe something else metallic... Even I think double metal would be just a little too much.

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1 comment

  1. The jacket is awesome. Love Zara and the price is not too bad :D



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