Sunday, 10 June 2012

today i love... paris

Pretty excited right now as I'm off to Paris on Friday for a long weekend. The last time I went it was very cold and rainy (as you might be able to tell from these pictures) so I'm really hoping for some good weather this time around...

Anyway, I was just wondering whether any of you who've been to or live near Paris have any recommendations for me - places to visit / eat / drink / shop? Any tips much appreciated!

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  1. There are so many fabulous places in Paris - here is a selection of my top picks (including restaurants, patisseries, shops...)
    and here is a selection of great things that are on now in Paris (mostly exhibitions, but also summer time events)
    Hope that helps! Have a great time in Paris!!

    1. Wow, merci beaucoup - c'est vraiment utile! :)

  2. You're going to Paris that's so cool ! I live there for 15 years and I never get tired of It...
    If you want to have a wonderful breakfast you must go to Claus (but you need to book a table before because it's a lithe place).
    For shopping and strolling you can go near Place des Vosges : there is a little garden in the middle of it, and a lot of shops around it. It's very french !
    For lunch you can go to L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon a great French Chef ! It is so good and they actually prepare your meal in front of you !
    At night if you want to eat and have a drink you can go to the Kong (Kenzo restaurant). There is also a beautiful view.
    And of course, Laduree for its delicious macaroons.

    Enjoyyyy !

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendations! :)

  3. Hi

    As a fellow leather lover I have to tell you about

    You have to visit Jitrois! Quite possibly the best leather fashion around!!!


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