Thursday, 24 May 2012

today i'm wearing...

Zara shirt /
H&M skirt /
Topshop bag /
Ray-Ban sunglasses /

I bought this skirt a year and a half ago in the H&M sale, and as it was too big, proceeded to spend the next couple of months scouring upwards of 10 H&M stores for a smaller one. I never did manage to exchange it, so it's spent the last eighteen months in a plastic bag in the bottom of my wardrobe. Last night, however, when struggling to decide what to wear in the heat (bare legs were definitely on the agenda, but I don't own a lot of work-appropriate shorts), I suddenly remembered this skirt and thought I'd try it on. Turns out that wearing a too-big high-waisted skirt down on your hips actually kind of works. It's a little on the unflattering side but I quite like the slouchy oversized feel; plus it makes the length much more suited for work. All in all: win win (and it only cost me £7).

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  1. First of all i love your hair like this. You look so pretty. Secondly the skirt is really gorgeous.

  2. LOVE the look! Would not have guessed the skirt was too big. Wonderful ensemble.

    You have a new follower!


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