Monday, 28 May 2012

today i want... topshop riot nude sandals

Isn't it funny that however many clothes you have, there still always seems to be something missing that you need? Or maybe that should be "need"... In any case, this hot weather has thrown up what seems to me to be a gaping hole in my shoe wardrobe: nude sandals. Dressing for the heat is a challenge in itself, but finding suitable footwear can be particularly testing. I've been mainly relying on my Mango heels as the most summery shoes I own, but even they are still black. Suddenly my collection of shoe/boots and closed toe heels seems overwhelmingly wintry. What I need, I told myself, is some nude sandals. I considered getting these Marant-esque Zara shoes, but as I said the heel was just a little too low and the T-bar wasn't convincing me, so I decided to hold out for something better. And lo and behold, what should appear on the Topshop website but these beauties? Nude, strappy, high of heel and oh so beautiful... Suddenly I can't imagine my wardrobe without them. What else could I possibly wear with any outfit except for these little wonders? And that's the point where "want" turns into "need" and willpower goes out of the window... I'm sure you're familiar with that feeling. So "needless" to say these are currently winging their way towards me. Well, you can't argue with necessity, right?

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