Thursday, 10 May 2012

today i love... asos salon

ASOS Salon dresses / £75 - £150

Ordinarily I crop the model out of ASOS' product photos, because I think the styling of pieces can really get in the way of seeing how an item will work in your own wardrobe. But with their new Salon line, a capsule collection of standout dresses, it's the model as much as anything which is making me want to take these pieces home. It helps that Julia Johansen is sickeningly gorgeous with the best hair ever (I think if I could look like anyone in the world, it might just be her). But it's also the styling: hair in a messy topknot, a cluster of friendship bracelets and two-tone Chanel-esque flats keep these statement dresses looking just the right amount dressed-down. I'm always a little uneasy around clothes this feminine; unlike Alexa Chung I tend to steer as far away as possible from looking like a little girl. But these shots really quite make me want to put on an outlandishly girly dress and go to the proverbial ball.

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  1. Nice outfits!!

  2. It's a beautiful collection, I agree. The midi dress with neon pink embroidery is gorgeous!

  3. Love the fourth outfit, white dress.


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