Saturday, 21 April 2012

today i want... maarten van der horst for topshop hawaiian shirt

Right now, in this thundery changeable weather, I'm longing for summer. Whenever I see a photoshoot featuring a tanned model with endlessly long bare legs, a slick of orange lip gloss and beach blonde highlights, I feel incredibly envious. I have so many open-toed sandals and little shorts just calling out to be worn, but which must be cruelly rejected every day in favour of socks and knitwear. Anyway, in my current mood I am absolutely loving Hawaiian prints. I mean, doesn't this amazing shirt-dress make you want to be on a beach sipping a piƱa colada right away? Flung on over a bikini and with a slick of this lipstick, there would be something quite Pearl Harbour about it too (think we have Dior to thank for that one). Maarten van der Horst is the latest addition to Topshop's arsenal of young, up-and-coming designers, and based on this capsule collection I think we can expect big things from him.

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