Saturday, 14 April 2012

today i bought...

Topshop white blazer /

I've been looking for the perfect white blazer for over a year now, and I'm very pleased to say that my search is over. I first saw this beauty on back in November/December time, and although I loved it, I couldn't see myself wearing it in the winter and decided to hold out for the January sales (in fact I featured it on my sales blog post at Christmas). Sadly though it wasn't reduced, but it did quickly sell out online. I've regretted not investing in it ever since, especially when I saw it in a different store last weekend in the wrong size and realised how perfect it is. I had all but given up on it, so imagine my delight when browsing my local store today to come across it in my size. I snapped it up immediately, and even got 20% off because of a small mark. I was so happy I decided to treat myself to a few little pick-me-ups from The Body Shop, too...

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