Thursday, 1 March 2012

today i'd save on... chloe vs zara

On left: ChloĆ© Susanna studded buckle boots, £789 at /

These ChloĆ© boots first arrived on the scene a good few years ago and were all the rage. I definitely remember a time when they graced the feet of every self-respecting celebrity on the planet. And now, as publicised by Caroline Blomst and Elin Kling, the much-coveted boots are back with a vengeance. I wanted them back then, but not as much as I want them now. I remember first time around gradually growing tired of seeing studded feet everywhere, but suddenly the studs look as fresh and up-to-date as ever (which is why, as I've always attested, you should never throw anything out). Despite costing £789 a pop, they're selling out as soon as they arrive, proving I'm not alone in my re-obsession, so unfortunately the link above will take you to a waiting list. If, like me, you're not quite in a position to drop £789 on a pair of boots, you will be happy to learn that Zara, quick off the mark as ever, have produced a very viable substitute. Admittedly I would prefer a higher heel and a lower price tag (£119 is a lot for Zara, no?), but that probably wouldn't stop me... if only they hadn't all but sold out as well. Zara has been known to subtly restock items though, so I'll be checking back every now and then. After all, studded toes are where it's at, my friends.

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