Sunday, 4 March 2012

today i want... h&m leather peplum top

H&M leather top / £59.99

Peplums are all over the place at the moment, being touted by magazines as oh so S/S'12 and appearing slyly on dresses, tops and skirts all over the place. I have to admit I wasn't immediately convinced; I'm generally wary of anything too flouncy or girly. On skirts, as well, they have a tendency to look quite office-prim, which isn't a look I'm a great fan of. But this sensational H&M top has single-handedly changed my mind. Firstly, it's leather, and I'm generally sold on anything leather. But this also means that it neatly avoids all girly or prim associations in one fell swoop; after all, it's very hard to look cutesy in leather. This choice of material actually works in perfect harmony with the peplum shape: the two sort of balance each other out and combine to make a perfectly elegant, utterly wearable and of course very S/S'12 garment. Having never worn a peplum before, I'm not entirely sure what's best to team it with; I'm wary of a pencil skirt for the reasons above, but not sure whether shorts would work. Skinny trousers are probably the safest bet. Anyway, given that H&M online doesn't offer free returns, I'll wait to try this on in store (though no doubt it won't be widely available, as H&M's best items never are). I will say, though, that the leather pieces I've bought from H&M in the past are the best quality, most buttery soft I've seen on the high street. So I'd definitely say this top is worth dipping your toe into the trend for.

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