Saturday, 10 March 2012

today i love... h&m

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Went on a Regent Street shopping expedition yesterday and my first stop was the H&M flagship. As I've mentioned before, the clothes in there are of a different league to any other H&M in the UK. In what I consider to be a move that makes no commercial sense, they save all their best stock for the flagship store, meaning that if you want anything real leather, anything from one of the designer collaborations or pretty much anything nice that you see in a magazine, you'll almost always have to make a pilgrimage to Regent Street to get it.

Anyway, I scooped up a few armfuls of clothes to try on (have aching arms today as a result), and the three pieces above were my favourites: Marni for H&M leather-front jumper, £79.99, Marni for H&M leather-front jacket, £149.99, and H&M silver leather trousers, £99.99. Unfortunately none of them came home with me; the jumper was just too boxy, the jacket I was sorely tempted by but it wasn't quite versatile enough for the price tag, and the trousers again were just a little too expensive given that I wouldn't really be able to wear them during the day. But I'm hoping at least one of these pieces might make it into the summer sales...

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  1. I really love the jacket!
    Have you lighten your hair?
    They look sooo amazing.

    1. Thanks! The ends are a little lightened but they look more so on Instagram!
      Ah I was so tempted by the jacket.... hope it goes on sale though I doubt it! Xx


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