Saturday, 25 February 2012

today i want... zara bracelet clutch

I love a clutch bag. No matter what you're wearing, there's something about carrying a clutch tucked under the arm or grabbed nonchalantly in the hand that speaks sophistication, be it a soft and squashy daytime version or a tiny little box for night. They do admittedly have practicality issues though, as anyone who's ever tried to hold a Starbucks while carrying a clutch and rummaging for a train ticket will attest. The other night I took my new Kurt Geiger clutch out and was amazed at how useful the wristlet strap was. Being very lightweight, I could let it dangle from my wrist and magically had both hands free. This Zara clutch is the natural extension of that idea - turning the wrist strap into not just a useful addition, but a downright stylish one. I absolutely love the idea of a bracelet linked to a clutch, and this one is utterly chic: a matt gold band attached to a classic black leather clutch, with just a simple gold zip for detail. Such a brilliant idea and so perfectly executed. That equals accessory perfection in my book.

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