Saturday, 4 February 2012

today i bought...

Zara faux fur coat /
ELLE UK March 2012 /

Despite really not wanting to venture out into the cold today, I had to go into town so that I could swap my faulty MacBook for a new one (fingers crossed this one works). Anyway, I'm actually glad I did because I spotted this lovely black faux fur coat amidst the last dregs of the Zara sale (and had a much-needed Starbucks). Only this morning I was thinking how I'd quite like a coat like this (mainly inspired by this outfit of Caroline Blomst's), and as it was reduced from £69 to £23, there really was no reason to resist.

I also picked up the March issue of ELLE. With Alexa Chung on the cover and a shoot with Clémence Poésy inside, there was no possibility of me not buying it. Incidentally, if you're as obsessed with the French actress as I am, you might like to see ELLE's lovely little behind-the-scenes video with Clémence here.

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