Sunday, 29 January 2012

today i'd save on... stella mccartney vs zara

On right: Zara leather shopper, £89.99 /

There are a handful of classic, timeless designer bags which are permanently on my 'if money were no object' wish list: Chanel 2.55, Alexander Wang Rocco, CĂ©line Luggage and of course Stella McCartney Falabella (to name but a few). The Falabella's timeless combination of unstructured tote shape with chain edging calls out to me every time I see one: it's understated yet undeniably eye-catching and perfect for everyday wear. Sadly it's on that list for a reason, and I won't be shelling out for the real thing any time soon. Luckily though, Zara has come up with the perfect alternative: a beautifully chic taupe tote edged in black leather piping. Of course it's not quite the same as the Falabella, but it definitely captures the same understated aesthetic. In actual fact it even has two improvements on its McCartney counterpart: the price, of course, and also the fact that it's real leather (sorry Stella, but I'll go for real over faux any day). All in all it's the perfect addition to your everyday bag arsenal, and one I'll be hard-pressed to resist.

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