Tuesday, 10 January 2012

today i want... zara city bag

It's that awkward part of January when all the good stuff has gone from the sales and we're left with only the dregs, clogging up stores' websites as they are further and further reduced (although, having said that, I did snap up these shoes on Zara.com today). At this time there's something remarkably refreshing about clicking on the 'New In' section: all the fresh, shiny new stock with all sizes still available, optimistically parading spring trends unseasonably early. But while Topshop's drop today consisted of about 80% sunglasses, which somewhat frightened me, Zara's new stock is of a much more classic variety. Take this bag, for instance (which has more than a hint of CĂ©line about it). I love the combination of the structured, businesslike shape and contrasting coloured panels in sensible shades with the little hint of snake print. It's shiny and new, but it will also last you for seasons to come. To me that sounds like a much more sound investment than summer wear.

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  1. Do you know what material it is? :)

  2. It doesn't say, though at that price I'm guessing it's probably not leather unfortunately :(


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