Saturday, 7 January 2012

today i bought...

I'd been wanting these ASOS boots for quite a while now, but was waiting to see whether they'd go in the sale. They didn't, but at £45 for real suede they were hardly breaking the bank, so I decided to finally order them. I've been wanting some like this for a while, thanks mainly to Caroline Blomst, who over the last year has worn her Isabel Marant boots to death, and shown me just how versatile they can be and how brilliant they can look in a wide array of outfits (although of course the original are somewhat out of my price range). I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with tan accessories; I don't like brown on clothes at all (in fact you'll probably never see me wearing anything brown) and I often feel that tan accessories can look very mumsy/70s/matchy-matchy (all of which are looks I try to avoid as much as possible). But Isabel Marant has managed to ensure that tan suede ankle boots fall into none of these pitfalls. So while my tan satchel has been put into storage since the whole Mulberry Alexa mania, I'm confident these boots won't meet the same fate any time soon.

I often buy Vogue or ELLE, but today I just couldn't decide between the two, so it had to be both. Not keen on Vogue's cover (too retro-looking for me), but I am very much looking forward to the Collections supplement. Plus I'm quite intrigued to see the shoot with Dakota Fanning in ELLE.

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  1. I bought this months Elle too, I'm considering a subscription. There has been some really great articles in the last few issues.

  2. Nice boots!


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