Wednesday, 28 December 2011

today i'm inspired by...

Ordinarily it really annoys me when online stores display their clothes only on a model within an outfit and not on their own. It seems to me that only showing an item alongside other items means you can't get a feel for it individually: you only see it in that one context (plus it makes cropping them into nice clear images on my blog much trickier). However, I have to say that I do rather approve of the way Zara styles the clothes in their online store. It's for the same reason that I always used to love checking out how the shop assistants dressed the mannequins in my local Topshop: sometimes the way an outfit is assembled can make you see an item of clothing in a whole different light. Anyway, while browsing today I discovered that there were in fact quite a few outfits I wouldn't mind wearing (funnily enough I never seem to feel that way about ASOS' pictures: they just annoy me). So I thought I'd share my favourites with you as a little inspiration at this tricky between seasons time of year. The best part is that many of the clothes below are in the sale, so you can splash out guilt-free (all available at Of course if I were designing an online store, I'd show both the item on its own and in an outfit: the best of both worlds.




  1. i was going to buy the combined fur waistcoat online today only to find out it's sold out in a small, heartbroken! x

  2. Ah such a shame, it's gorgeous! Hope you find it instore!


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