Thursday, 8 December 2011

today i want... asos silver leather trousers

If you saw my "today i love... silver" post, you'll realise I've got quite the soft spot for metallics right now. I also have a permanent love of leather. So how could I fail to love these ridiculously outlandish silver leather trousers?! In fact I wanted to include these in my "today i love... silver" post, but they mysteriously disappeared from ASOS' website temporarily (I even emailed customer services about it!) Despite them telling me they don't restock things, happily they have in fact now returned to the website. Now granted, these babies are not for the faint of heart. It definitely takes some guts to stride about in blindingly bright trousers, looking like a disco ball. But if ever there were a season to shine, surely it's Christmas. And I can't imagine anything better to rock up in on Christmas day than these beauties, paired with just a simple white top and smoky eyes. Cost-per-wear admittedly isn't going to win the argument here (even I wouldn't wear these to work), so personally I'll be adding them to my ever-growing "things I really, really hope are going to be reduced in the January sales" list. But oh I really hope they are.


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