Saturday, 3 December 2011

today i bought...

I stopped off at the Regent Street H&M flagship store the other day, which is always worth a visit when I'm in London. The reason is that it's far and away the best H&M in the country: annoyingly, some of their most beautiful and fashion-forward stock is hardly available in any other UK store or online. Frankly I think they're missing a trick by making some of their best items out-of-reach to the majority of their customers, and that they should take a leaf out of Topshop's book and make everything available to purchase online, but what can you do? This beautiful leather skirt (£59.99) is a case in point: you won't find real leather in many H&Ms. I'm glad I came across though, because I've wanted a pencil skirt for a while but until now hadn't found the perfect one. You know by now that I can never resist leather, and the slit makes it just that little bit more interesting than your average pencil skirt. Click here to see how I'll be aiming to style it.

I can never say no to a freebie (who can?) so when I saw that Topshop were offering a free scarf with online orders over £100 earlier this week, I couldn't resist. And it's really rather nice considering it cost nothing: charcoal grey and super chunky. It remains to be seen whether I'll be keeping what I ordered along with it, but the scarf is a definite winner.


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