Saturday, 31 December 2011

this year i bought...

Thought I'd share a few of my favourite purchases of the year...

When I saw these beautiful Ambush boots on the Topshop website six months ago I had no idea they'd turn out to be perhaps the brand's most lusted-after item ever. I just knew they were the perfect budget alternative to Acne's Pistol boot (the original is still on my long-term wish list). They have proved a very worthy investment and I even bought a second pair just in case I ever wear them out.

This beautiful leather gilet from H&M took me four weeks to track down. I found it on the website but it was unavailable to purchase online; I then scoured my local stores for it before calling up customer services three times and finally finding it in the Regent Street store. But it was worth all the effort because I'm completely in love with it.

I love a chunky knit and I love navy, so it was perhaps inevitable that I'd fall for this beautiful fisherman knit from Topshop Boutique (still available here). It's cosy and lovely but still a little bit masculine, and goes with absolutely everything.

I have a lot of problems with shoes because my feet always seem to be in between sizes, so I was very happy to learn that Next still stocks half-sizes. Admittedly I wouldn't ordinarily shop in Next, but I'm very glad I chanced upon these beautiful shoes, for a mere £22, because they quickly became one of my most-loved pairs: they fit perfectly and, oh, I do love a bit of snakeskin.

I'm generally a big fan of high street copies of designer classics (see the Ambush boots above), but in some cases it just has to be the real McCoy. After hopelessly lusting after a pair of classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers for months on end, I finally went for it and haven't had a single regret. Provided I don't sit on them, I'm sure they'll prove faithful friends for many years to come.

After frequently wearing a pair of cutout faux leather shorts in 2010, in 2011 I went in search of a bona fide leather pair. In May I stumbled across a picture of the perfect zipped Topshop pair and thereafter frantically checked the website every morning waiting for them to arrive. When they did they were even more perfect than I could have imagined, and despite the fact that they are teeny-tiny and require a fair amount of courage to wear, I love them to bits.

Ahead of the launch of H&M's Fashion Against Aids collection, I posted a selection of my favourites and declared myself desperate to get my hands on the amazing silver clutch. So on a trip into London I was delighted to find a whole stack of them just waiting for me. The roomy size, the £9.99 price tag, the lovely shiny silveriness and the neon green zip: it's accessory perfection.

Reduced from £85 to £30, these beautiful black Topshop heels are one of my best bargains of the year. While other shoes have frequently failed me, this lovely leather pair has never let me down. I adore the extended platform (which makes them super comfortable), the elastic panel and the elegant shape. I wear them so much I'm a little worried they may not make it to 2013, but I just can't stop.

One of my more extravagant purchases of 2011 was this ASOS perspex clutch for £65. Despite the price tag I fell immediately and inexorably in love with it and I still can't get over how beautiful it is. It never fails to amaze people whenever I use it ("Is your clutch see-through?!") and I'm confident it will remain a chic and elegant accessory throughout 2012 and beyond.



  1. I've had my Ray bans for 3 years and they are still going strong, I adore them worth every penny :-)

  2. got the ambush boots for christmas and had to exchange for a bigger size so i'm not so patiently awaiting their arrival!! love all these items :)


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