Sunday, 6 November 2011

today i'm channelling... sabrina meijer

Click here to see Sabrina Meijer's look

Sabrina Meijer, writer of Dutch fashion blog afterDRK, has to be one of my current favourite style icons. Day after day she showcases impeccable outfits on her blog, always managing to look incredibly stylish without ever seeming try-hard. Her style mantra is pretty much what I try to aim for: classic and timeless but with a distinct fashion edge. She chooses pieces in muted colours but with interesting textures, or in simple shapes but with standout design details. Take this latest look: all black but in no way boring or safe. I often veer towards mostly dark colours myself, but I don't often like to wear entirely black, for fear of falling into that trap. But Sabrina shows us exactly how to style this eternally chic colour. She chooses a mixture of textures; she balances the volume of a loose oversized jumper with little shorts; she goes for a classic but standout bag (oh to have that CĂ©line); she chooses simple leather boots but adds a flash of colour with aviator sunglasses. The best part about this formula is that it's so simple to try out for yourself. The items I've chosen above are all simple wardrobe staples, the likes of which you probably already own. As ever, though, it's all about how you put them together. And it's Sabrina's expert styling which keeps me coming back to her blog every day; I highly recommend you check it out too.


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