Saturday, 5 November 2011

today i bought...

Ever since I saw Elin Kling in an amazing pair of Tod's loafers (see them here), and then Sabrina Meijer in some beautiful Tommy Hilfigers (see them here), I've been craving a lovely patent pair of my own. Admittedly it's very rare for me to lust after flats, and even rarer for me to wear them. But there's something about a mannish pair of high-shine loafers which is just so much cooler than your average ballet flat. Besides, even I admit it's impossible to wear heels all the time. And if you do have to wear flats, then you might as well make them shiny and awesome. I did buy some loafers from ASOS a couple of weeks ago, but there was something about them that didn't suit me (just a bit too manly). But today I stumbled across these Miss Selfridge beauties. Not only were they reduced from £49 to £25 (not at all bad for real leather), but they also look rather lovely and fit me perfectly (which is no mean feat as I have a lot of problems with shoes, being slap bang in the middle of two sizes). Who knows, they might even encourage me to wear sensible shoes more often (well, baby steps).


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