Tuesday, 25 October 2011

today i want... topshop ambush snakeskin boots

I already have three pairs of Topshop's Ambush boots (black and glitter, and another pair of black for when I inevitably wear the first ones out). That means I've already spent a ridiculous amount of money on one style of boot. So it's testament to my enduring love affair with snakeskin that I am seriously considering adding another £80 to that expense (god, it sounds bad when I put it like that). But have you seen these?! I am utterly powerless before a snakeskin boot, truly I am. And these have the added bonus of actually being wearable (one of the reasons I love the Ambush boots so much, like so many others, is for the way they perfectly marry beauty with comfort). I am obsessed with my Next snakeskin heels but I admittedly can't run around in them all day. They also may have to be retired when sock-less feet are no longer an option. So I am incredibly tempted to splash out on these beauties. After all, I can't think of anything they wouldn't look perfect with. Darn you, Topshop.



  1. Get them! they will look fab you will enjoy them and they are worth it.

  2. LOVE these! i think you may have convinced me to buy my first pair of ambush boots.. :)



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