Monday, 3 October 2011

today i want... asos revive gold quilted shorts

Feeling a mini-obsession with all things quilted right now. Currently topping my if-money-were-no-object wish list are Rumi Neely's sensational 3.1 Phillip Lim quilted leather shorts (see them here). Would give my right arm for those babies. Also featuring highly in my if-only-I-didn't-morally-object-to-paying-delivery-fees wish list is this Cheap Monday clutch, which has more than a hint of Chanel about it. You'll already know how obsessed I am with leather, so quilted leather just feels like an extension of that: leather, but with a beautifully unconventional twist. But it's quilted anything, really, which is floating my boat (well, within reason: I draw the line at puffa jackets). The navy shorts I featured in 19th September's "today i'd love to wear" definitely excite me, but at £100 aren't going to make it into my wardrobe. So imagine my joy to discover these fantastic disco-worthy ASOS quilted shorts for a much more reasonable £40. Shiny, quilted, metallic: they're just the right side of ridiculous, I think. Not sure I'm quite brave enough to pair them with the matching jacket, so instead I'd go for my huge navy knit and a pair of scuffed ankle boots. Quilted perfection.


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