Friday, 2 September 2011

today i'm wearing...

Jumper from George at Asda; mesh top (underneath) from Zara; jeans from Topshop; shoes from Zara; bag from Topshop; necklace from ASOS; sunglasses from Ray-Ban.

These shoes are definitely the most uncomfortable pair I have ever worn. Too tight at the toes, but slip off at the back... don't you hate when that happens? But then again, they are super beautiful, so I'm going to continue to struggle through the pain.



  1. oh what a shame! the look very nice and I spotted them at the Zara website the other day!! Why don't you have it opened at the toes?? (I don't know if I use the right term) I do that for all my uncomfortable shoes. For one particular pair I had them opened twice so I can wear them properly!!

  2. At least the shoes look gorgeous, that's what counts right ;)

  3. Unfortunately I don't think anything would help, but thanks for the suggestion!

    And yep, at least they look good :)


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