Tuesday, 27 September 2011

today i want... kurt geiger perspex pouch

Thanks to their very successful advertising campaign starring the gorgeous Anja Rubik, it probably won't have escaped your notice that Kurt Geiger have recently launched a new range of accessories, entitled 'Everything but the Dress' (visit the official blog here). Now I've always rather liked Kurt Geiger shoes, but they are sadly out of my price range (these babies would be in my possession right now if money were no object - the name of them shows it was meant to be). So I assumed the same would go for the accessories: lovely, but ultimately not going to be on my purchasing radar. Well, I was half right. There really are some beautiful items: super-soft leather oversized clutches with zip detail, studded luxe bracelets, and purses in candy colours, to name but a few. And most of these items are, sure enough, out of my price range, with purses costing up to £120 and totes up to £450. But when browsing some more, I noticed with delight that some items are actually much more affordable. Still, when I came across this fantastic perspex clutch for a mere £30, I thought it must have been priced wrongly. But no, there's a whole range of 'pouch'-style clutches at around this price point, ranging from perspex and printed silk through to snake-print and metallics. I love them all but I'm obsessed with perspex (my ASOS perspex clutch is one of my all-time favourite accessories), so it's no surprise that this beauty has landed itself straight at the top of my wish list. I may not be allowing myself to buy anything until October, but once September's out this will be mine.


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  1. omg I wanna HAVE! it's so peeeerfect!!! :o

    farah from FASHIONFABRICE


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