Monday, 12 September 2011

today i bought...

I featured this beautiful H&M leather sleeveless jacket (gilet/vest/waistcoat?) as 1st September's "today i want" and I've been hopelessly lusting after it ever since. I've phoned H&M Customer Service three times since then, and each time I was very pleasantly surprised by how polite and helpful all the operatives were, but unfortunately none of them could tell me whether the leather vest had already sold out, or hadn't come in yet. It seemed their system had no information for this particular item (confusing, yes). Finally one of the very nice employees rang up the distribution centre for me and managed to find out that yes, it had already come in, but it had only been sent to the Regent Street and Oxford Street stores in London. Bit disappointing as it annoys me when things are not at all widely available. But I decided to take a little trip into London (I don't live far away luckily) to have a scout around. I wasn't very optimistic about finding it, since the guy also said they had low stock, but to my utter delight there it was in the Regent Street store, a whole rack of the beauties. I tried on about six just to make sure I had the right fit (they're very oversized, so I sized down). I still can't believe I've actually managed to get my hands on it; I'm so pleased. I absolutely love it and can't wait to wear it.


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