Wednesday, 10 August 2011

today i want... zara silver and black courts

I'll admit it: I've been absolutely heartbroken since not being able to get my hands on the silver heels in the Zara sale. I fell completely in love with them, bought them in a size too small, tried my best to convince myself I could fit into them, took them back, then searched no less than ten Zara stores trying to find the bigger size. This involved getting on and off the tube, rushing around London on several occasions, frantically running around shops checking the soles of shoes like a madman, and eventually finding every single size other than my own. Frustrating to say the least. To make matters worse, Carolina of then bought them and proceeded to post a series of devastatingly beautiful outfits with them, and I saw them in the Guardian Weekend magazine. Oh, the pain. And until today I thought that pain would never go away. But my fashion prayers have been answered. For what did I come across when browsing Zara's website today but these fabulous, amazing, beautiful shoes. No, they're not exactly the same, but I actually really like the black heel detail. No, they're not in the sale, but what can you do? I ordered them about 30 seconds after seeing them. Now I only hope they fit me. But let's be honest, even if they don't, I'll be keeping them anyway after all the trouble I've gone to...


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