Sunday, 28 August 2011

today i bought...

Don't you just love when you find exactly what you're looking for? I really quite wanted a navy shirt, and thought maybe H&M might be a good place to look. And what did I see when I walked into the store? This absolutely perfect navy shirt - for a mere £7.99. Nice.

I don't wear skirts all that often - for some reason I prefer shorts - but when I do, they are nearly always short. I definitely haven't worn a pencil skirt for years, if ever, so this is a bit of a fashion gamble for me. Somehow they feel a little too smart, a little too "obvious workwear". But there's something about this Zara monochrome beauty that I love, and at £25.99, I thought it was worth taking the risk. Hopefully it will pay off.

Another unusual purchase for me - something pink. I haven't worn pink since I was about sixteen, having been previously unable to get the connotations of girly-girliness, Katie Price and chavvy New Look hoodies out of my mind. But something about this amazing Zara knit, £35.99, caught my eye a few weeks ago, and although I was initially sceptical, when I saw Columbine Smille looking divine in it (see it here), I knew I had to order it and see. And I was pleasantly surprised to find it's an incredibly vivid neon (brighter than it looks here), banishing all potentially cutesy pitfalls. I decided that against all odds I really rather liked it, and in fact it proved the perfect cosy travelling attire this weekend. Outfit post to come tomorrow!


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