Saturday, 13 August 2011

today i bought...

So after months and months of wanting some, I finally gave in and bought some Ray-Ban Wayfarers (will probably give my ASOS lookalikes to my sister now!) I'll admit I had a slight wave of nausea at handing over £123 for a pair of sunglasses, but I really don't regret it. They're such a classic that they'll never go out of style and I know I'll wear them to death. In this weather that might admittedly be challenging, but I'll just have to become one of those people who wears sunglasses in even the faintest flicker of sunshine. There are a few different sizes of Wayfarer so I went into House of Fraser and tried them all on. The big ones looked ridiculous (probably better for guys) and the small ones didn't suit me at all. But as soon as I put the medium-sized ones on I knew they were perfect. I've never known sunglasses to suit me so much. Ah man, I love them.

Before you think I've gone and been incredibly extravagant, House of Fraser had an offer on where if you spend a certain amount of money on sunglasses, you get a sale pair for free. Exciting, eh? Admittedly there weren't many to choose from, but I soon settled on these cool cat-eye Ralph Lauren shades. A little bit out there, yes, but pretty fun all the same. And not at all bad for £0!

Back to a more normal purchase for me, from good old Topshop. When browsing their website one morning last week I chanced upon these ponte-panel black skinny jeans, and was shocked to see they were priced at just £15. Obviously this was an error, and they should probably have been more like £45. Since I'd been wanting some more black jeans anyway, I thought this was an opportunity not to be missed. Clearly lots of other people thought so too, because they sold out pretty quickly. And I'm rather pleased with my impulse buy: they fit perfectly and the ponte panels make them super stretchy and comfortable. Not at all bad for £15.


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